We’re building automation superpowers for every investor

The future of investing is automation. Join us and build a revolution — not just tools.

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We think big, and it's not enough

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The mission behind all our work

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Timeless principles from Jacob, one of Pluto's founders, drive how we work together

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Radical truth and trust

We grow fast by giving frequent and direct feedback; even across leadership lines. For example if you think Jacob, our founder and CEO, could do something better, he wants to know.

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Build for tomorrow

Our vision is huge, to revolutionize the financial world, we need to stay agile and focused. We think long term and high quality standards.

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First principles thinking

The automated trading world is full of harmful dogma. Burn it down to cut through the noise and rebuild from ground zero.

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Life is about the people you met along the way

We're all pushing on the same goals. Life is hard, so we all deeply and truly care for each other through action.

Remote first flexibility.

We work without borders. Our founders live in Los Angeles.

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Los Angeles, CA

Marina del Rey

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Leadership team

Pluto is in good hands, checkout our leadership team

Our partners

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