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Dev Update - Paper Trading

Product Update

Parker Davis

Parker Davis

Wed May 04 2022

3 min read

Dev Update - Paper Trading

Pluto is growing up, and in a big way. With the official launch of our paper trading service just around the corner, now is as good a time as any to fill you all in on what to expect. It’s a massive leap in functionality for Pluto, and the first of its kind as well. An entire new dimension to the product, and one we’re extremely confident you’ll love.

Paper Trading Features

Just briefly, for those that aren’t familiar with what paper trading actually is, it’s allowing you to trade exactly as you would with the market, without having to actually fork over the money to do so. In other words, practice! And really good practice too. Combining this with our strategy creation means that you get to try before you buy, as it were, and see if your strategies are actually going to make the cut minute by minute in the real market. Which is just… the coolest.

Portfolio Dashboard

In this, comes several new features that all tie back to paper trading as a whole, so I won’t waste any more time.

  • Comprehensive strategy integration. I did just touch on it, but I wanna quickly laser in on just how big this is for us. For months now we’ve had strategy creation open, and now you get to take all of those and drop it into the market as is, with all the capital you wish to throw at it, and see how it does. So now you aren’t just looking at your strategy in the theoretical realm. You’ll get to see real, tangible results. Minute by minute.
  • Full integration, with a full exposé. With that integration, you need a means to see what every decision and strategy you’ve made in the past is doing in the present. With the all-new UI, you’ll have a complete overview of all the moving parts of your strategy, from what holds what weight and how much money is in your pot to anything in between. Break your trading down by stocks and by strategies, immediately discover what’s working and what isn’t, and get to work. We won’t be standing in your way.
  • Charts, and more of them then you can shake a stick at. With your strategies in tow and the basic UI established, all relevant bodies of text that can be typified are given a distinct graph, all of which are glanceable yet still brimming with detail.
  • Portfolio history and trade log. The kind of features you set and forget, but important ones nonetheless. Full version histories of all your paper trades, special emphasis given to your major moves, and the ability to reverse course.
  • Front and Center. Finally, for all those with access, paper trading is now the most visually important item of the side bar that isn’t the home page. It’s the next phase of Pluto, and arguably the most important feature we’ve ever launched. And we’re so excited for you to start using it. For free, forever.

So when can you expect this update to reach you? Not long at all. Extremely soon, in fact. March 4th, to be exactly exact. On this Friday, our biggest leap forward yet will be accessible to all of you, and we can’t wait to get your feedback. These are extremely exciting times for Pluto users, which hopefully explains the more serious tone I took for this post all by itself. Getting this right will set the tone for our future. And so while I can goof off for our everyday updates (and I absolutely plan to continue flying that flag), I’m in lockstep with the dev team on this one, nose to the grindstone and all.

And with that, I can finally breathe a heavy sigh of relief. March 4th, everyone! We hope so dearly that we’ll see you there, and mark our words, Pluto is only just getting started.

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