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Dev Update - Rebalancing

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Parker Davis

Parker Davis

Wed Aug 03 2022

2 min read

Dev Update - Rebalancing

Hey, everyone! Hope you’re all doing well! This’ll be a bit of a shorter update, but it’s a pretty important update, so it did deserve it’s own post. Pluto’s now gaining formalized rebalancing tools! This was a critical addition to our toolset, born out of a lesson learned from our first Paper Trading competition.

Over the summer, we gave users their very first taste of our competitive spirit, and it was a rousing success! We got our very first prize winners, and we even created a brand new channel in our discord for people to talk shop, talk smack, and everything in between. The interaction and feedback we’ve gotten from it was tremendous. But we did learn one major lesson: strategies needed formal rebalancing. The main issue that most of our users were running up into was that to make any mid-implementation adjustments to a strategy, you had to go back deep into the strategy and hope you didn’t break something in the process. With how competitions became their own distinct part of Pluto, this made for discrepancies and errors that we wanted to clean up.

Our new UI for Rebalancing! Pretty slick, innit?

In doing so, we’ve now got a hot-fix and new, useful UI element all in one go! To rebalance your strategy is now down to the click of a few buttons. There are a whole suite of options to pick and choose which strategies you want to balance against one another as part of your portfolio, and overall, it’s now far faster to make changes to the amount of money each strategy is dealing with than it was before, not to mention more intuitive. It’ll be a small piece of Pluto, but an integral one nonetheless.

Best of all, this will by-and-large reduce the amount of system errors and bugs our users will encounter. With this process, we now have a streamlined system to log all of these clerical changes to a strategy for your sake and ours, and previously reported issues of inconsistent or unexecuted rebalances of strategies should disappear.

That's all for now, folks! See you in the next one, with even more to tell! 👋

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