Cutting edge tools? Yes.
For Free? Always.

Pluto's tools are second to none. It makes our heart sing to bring new cutting-edge tools to your portfolios.

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Build fast, test in seconds.

Test your ideas with 15 years of bias free data in seconds.

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So. Many. Indicators.

Indicators are critical for technical strategies. We've got 25 built-in and a SDK for custom algorithms.

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Test results without jargon.

Get dialed-in with rich and easy to understand test results.

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Diversify like Wall Street.

Adopt the Wall Street way and build a robust portfolio with multiple strategies.

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Diversify into expert ideas.

Diversify your portfolio with marketplace strategies built by leading industry experts.

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Look before you leap.

Take your new portfolio for a test drive with paper trading before you fund you brokerage account.

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Be ready. Change is coming.

Automatically adapt to changing market conditions with composition strategies that can pause or reallocate with turning tides.

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Command from anywhere.

Make decisions, explore the marketplace and stay informed from anywhere using our command and control mobile app.

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Augment your strategies.

Get notifications with relevant data directly from your strategies. Choose from custom actions based on what you see.

Frequently Asked Questions

We bet you have questions, we bet we have answers.

What assets do you support?

Pluto will launch with support for 24/7 Crypto trading. US equities, options, and futures are near to our hearts so support will follow shortly after our full release.

Is Pluto released?

We're in early access! You can build, test, and deploy your strategies. Today, you can run a paper trading portfolio with 15-minute delayed data.

Can I use my own data provider?

Pluto offers OHCL data for free. We're partnered with to deliver clean, split-adjusted data. Starting at 1 minute intervals.

What brokerages do you integrate with?

Pluto keeps everything under one roof. No brokerage integrations are needed. When we launch you will be able to trade directly with your Pluto account.

Do backtests account for slippage and spread?

Yes! Pluto uses high-resolution market data to provide extremely high accuracy backtests.

Do I have to pay for server resources?

No. Pluto has zero costs. Your strategy is given resources based on it's complexity.